About Clutch.

About Clutch.

Calibre of excellence.

Our team has 50+ years of collective experience in the property industry.

Created by Clutch

[kluh-ch] adjective;

Denoting or occurring at a critical point in which the outcome of a situation is at stake. To have the skills to fully execute successfully.
Created by Clutch
Created by Clutch

At Clutch, we believe in collaboration—both within our team of passionate real estate investment managers, and beyond to our network of property experts. We never stand still–always evolving. We are always learning and always striving to improve what we do and how we deliver our services. Acting with integrity, every member of the Clutch team is open, transparent and committed to looking after the needs of the wider Clutch family.

Together, we deliver excellence in exceptional luxury living.

Maxwell Chu
Maxwell Chiu, Associate Director
Nick McCarthy
Nick McCarthy, Senior Development Manager
Amanda Panetta
Amanda Panetta, Head of Sales & Marketing

“We’re really proud of the team we have at Clutch. Everyone has extensive industry knowledge, but it’s each person’s unique skill set that makes the collaboration so successful.

Hayden Monk
Hayden Monk, Senior Investment Analyst
Nathan Cartwright
Nathan Cartwright, Development Manager
Sandra Zhong
Sandra Zhong, Marketing and Operations Manager
Kelly Gamblin
Kelly Gamblin, Assistant Development Manager
Clover Zhang
Clover Zhang, Accountant

Our Collaborators

To create a truly extraordinary place is no small feat. At the start of every project, we carefully consider who we believe will be the best talent to collaborate with, to bring the site to life. From the architectual story to interiors and landscape, we ensure the consultants we work with share our vision and commitment to creating something remarkable. Our engineering and construction partners are required to meet our rigourous quality control standards and wherever possible exceed industry benchmarks. Our customers are discerning buyers and rightfully expect perfection, therefore it’s critical for us to have ‘the dream team’ on each and every project to ensure smooth delivery and homes built to provide our customers with worry free ownership for years to come.